May 9, 2014 New York Law School Breakfast Featuring DOI Commissioner Mark Peters

May 15, 2014


By: Chelsea Binns

On May 9, 2014, Mark Peters, the newly-appointed, New York City Department of Investigation (DOI) Commissioner, spoke before a packed audience at New York Law School about trends in government oversight.

Overall, he highlighted two key trends in New York City’s fight against corruption: third party review and the use of technology and data mapping.

According to Peters, third party review embodies the “spirit of peer review.” Peters finds third party review builds public confidence, and is thus believes it is an essential element for all New York City Agencies.

To enhance the third party review process, Peters is embracing the use of technology. Peters advised DOI is currently instituting new computer technology they will use to enhance their investigations. According to Peters, this technology will allow DOI to work more efficiently, in that random data samples will be “more likely to yield corruption.”

At present, Peters acknowledged City agencies were not as efficient as they could be; Peters said he will devote the next four years to building public confidence in government. To this end, Peters advised DOI will be adding another 60 positions as part of the new budget announced recently.

In closing, as a testament to the power of inspection and oversight, Peters reminded the crowd that “every entity does better when there is someone looking.” With that, we look forward to hearing more in the future from Commissioner Peters and will be sure to follow his progress as leader of DOI.

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