POA Doctoral Program Holds Its First Professional Development Seminar

January 12, 2014

By: Chelsea Binns

In October 2013, the Criminal Justice POA Doctoral Program held its first, in an ongoing series, of professional development seminars. In attendance to lead the discussion was a panel comprised of Department of Public Management professors (Peter Mameli, Karin Martin and Sal Guajardo) and a POA student (Lawrence Kom).

Prof. Mameli commenced the program with a discussion titled “what is a Ph.D. for?” wherein he discussed the various “goals” of an average Ph.D. student, in terms of career path (i.e., academia, non-profit) and research rationale (i.e, altruistic, community recognition). Although he recognized individual goals may change over time, overall, he urged students to be mindful of their individual goals as they progress through their graduate studies.

Next, Prof. Martin lead a discussion titled “Maximizing your graduate school experience” wherein she recommended students seek advice from professors during their graduate studies (i.e., asking “What would you recommend I do in my third year as a graduate student, knowing my eventual goal is X”). Prof. Martin further advised students to maximize their graduate experience by attending conferences, watching job talks, creating a ”research pipeline,” tailoring research interests to specific goals, establishing connections for future employment, and honing the ability to seek and accept feedback.

Following Prof. Martin, Prof. Guajardo introduced the topic “Writing in the policy, oversight and administrative scholarly field.” Prof. Guajardo urged students to find the research gaps in their topic of interest, and seek out journals best suited for those topics. Overall, he told students to become comfortable with the possibility of being “rejected” by journals, and to view that rejection as a new opportunity to present the work to another journal.

Finally, Kom, a doctoral candidate, closed the talk with a tutorial in the use of APA style and bibliography software. Kom suggested several software programs, such as Refworks and Zotero. He also discussed the use of PDF OCR X scanners to store documents as searchable reference tools.

Additional sessions are planned and 2014 dates will be announced in the near future. Topic ideas are welcomed and should be submitted to DEO Rod Colvin at rcolvin@jjay.cuny.edu.